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cpTracker Professional

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Quick specs
Release Date:
07 Jul 2007
Operating System:
Windows 2000,Windows Server 2003,Windows 98/Me,Windows NT,Windows XP

cpTracker Professional will assist you in managing your contacts, prospects, customers, sales, projects and tasks to the last detail.

 cpTracker Professional is your Complete Contact, Project and Content Management Solution! Easy to use and very powerful. cpTracker has been designed with ease of use in mind, yet not sacrificing in features. Use as little or as much as your needs dictate!


- Contacts, Customers, Prospects, Product Sales and Customer Related Projects:;

- Products and Product Versions;

- Projects and Tasks (Task Timer); 

- Create Project Templates for Repetitive Projects; 

- Bug Tracking (software development); 

- Project Participants; 

- Ideas (transfer to Project or Task file); 

- URLs and Files Attachments (related to the above files); 

- Log files for all files. Use to record all activities, phone calls, todos, etc.; 

- HelpDesk: record and track contact related todos, support calls, etc. 

Use the following tools to access your data the way YOU need to:

- Query/Search Wizard for building custom queries for powerful drilldown;

- Report Wizard for building quick & easy reports; 

- Spreadsheet Wizard for building custom spreadsheets, HTML and exports (Excel); 

- Powerful Custom Report Builder; 

- Sort Browses by Column Header; 

- Send Reports to PDF for emailing, archiving & internet publishing; 

- EMail to Send Reports, Notifications, etc. 

Use QW and EMail List Mgr to send targeted emails:

- Outlook Email Import - Import/export tool for importing and exporting data;

- Backup & Restore Option;

- Easy to use intuitive XP style interface;

- Multi-user and network compatible (Windows and Novell servers);

- Multi-user price discounts.

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