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Emsa PC FlexInfo

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Quick specs
Release Date:
06 Apr 2004
Operating System:
Windows 98/Me,Windows XP,Windows NT,Windows 2000,Windows Server 2003,
Emsa PC FlexInfo is a system information and diagnstics utility. What it does is, gathering system information data, also benchmark (CPU Speed test), and network info (IP and host lookup, Ping tool). It also shows realtime stats on items like CPU and memory load. The system information data is presented as text so it can be copied and pasted into documents. This program was designed with simplicity in mind, but usefulness for the user.
The system information provides various informations about the local system ,like Operating System name and version, system folders, Service packs, cpu information, keyboard, mouse, environment variables, system drives information, memory allocation, supported screen modes, processes running, power & battery status, sound devices, services, local IP address & host, system.ini and win.ini files.The CPU graph and memory indicators show realtime info about these parameters, like memory allocation and
page file.The CPU speed test allows you to check the estimated PR factor of your machine. The test takes about half a minute. Freeware.
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